Welcome to ePortfolio Support at TRU.

This site provides access to support resources for creating your ePortfolio.  Here, you will find information about different aspects of creating an ePortfolio.

 What is an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is an online showcase of artifacts, evidence, and reflections that can be consistently updated and used as a tool for self-actualization. Students who develop ePortfolios have an opportunity to learn about themselves as they articulate and reflect on their learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

What are the Benefits of Having an ePortfolio?

Aside from the obvious benefit of having learning about how to create a modern, innovative and professional portfolio to show your skills and abilities, an ePortfolio allows you to reflect on your learning and make connections between learning that happens in different contexts (academic, workplace, and community).   Through the process of developing an ePortfolio (i.e. curating your evidence, reflecting on your learning, etc.) you are reminding yourself of all the accomplishments you have achieved in a course, program, or even over your lifetime. On top of that, with the growing presence of the online world in the day-to-day life of the average person, there is strong evidence to suggest that your name will be searched for on the internet. For more benefits of an ePortfolio and articles on ePortfolios, please visit our “Benefits of an ePortfolio” section.

What students are saying about using ePortfolios at TRU


TRU Student Testimonials

“The ePortfolio can demonstrate to your professors and future employers how much you have learned while attending university.” – Ashley Nordin, 2nd year B. Ed. Student

“I’m actually really happy I created [an] ePortfolio, because it helped me a lot in the reflection questions and the discussion we had.” – Tatiana Fedotova, 4th year, HR and Marketing Student

“I am very proud that I created an ePortfolio. For me, I’ve always been a thoughtful person, but with an ePortfolio it’s really helped me express myself to others.” – Hailee-Jean Lindgren, 3rd year, BA Student

“I am glad I made an ePortfolio as it was a really great learning experience and something I will be able to use in my future.’ – Megan Harstad, 2nd year B. Ed. Student