Sharing your ePortfolio

Review Review Review!

Before you share your ePortfolio with a professor, potential employer, or graduate school you will want to review your ePortfolio for any errors you may have missed while you were developing it. Start by reading through every page and piece of content you uploaded on your ePortfolio to check for any obvious errors such as spelling mistakes, or including personal information such as a personal address or phone number. Following that check for any links that may not be working properly. You can also ask a friend or one of the Learning Innovation Fellows to review your ePortfolio and provide feedback. Below are some resources for reviewing an ePortfolio that you may want to use.



You’ve spent a ton of time working on your ePortfolio and getting it to polished perfection, now how do you make sure others see it? You can market your ePortfolio a number of ways:

  • Add it to your cover letter or resume
  • Include it in your e-mail signature
  • Share it on your social media
  • Include a link on your LinkedIn page
  • Mention it to employers or when networking
  • Participate in showcase events at TRU hosted by the Centre for Student Engagement and Learning Innovation
  • Use it for submitting projects or assignments
  • Use it to articulate your learning for certificates (i.e. Leadership in Environmental Sustainability or Global Competency)
  • Use it to gain recognition for your learning through the Pathways for Learning Program

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