Benefits of an ePortfolio

Learning About Yourself

Aside from the obvious benefit of having a modern, innovative and professional portfolio to show your skills and abilities, an ePortfolio demonstrates all of your skills and abilities to yourself. Through the process of developing an ePortfolio (i.e. finding artifacts, writing reflections, etc.) you are reminding yourself of all the accomplishments you have achieved over your lifetime.

Below are links to a number of resources and articles about the personal academic benefits of developing an ePortfolio.


Be in Control of your Online Identity

On top of that, with the growing presence of the online world in the day-to-day life of the average person, there is strong evidence suggesting that more and more recruiting agents will search your name on the internet. Having an ePortfolio will give you the opportunity to set yourself apart from the other candidates that are being Googled by showing a professional and thoughtfully organized site that shows your best work. Even if your name is something common like “John Smith” and you think no one will find you among the thousands of other people with the same name; by simply adding a small detail about you such as the university you attended or the city you live in the results can narrow drastically. Think about it  – any of those extra identifying features about you are included on a resume or application to any job, graduate school, or other opportunity. Using an ePortfolio will help you have control over what shows up about you in a world where so much information is being shared.

Below are links to a number of articles about the ways in which a recruiter is looking for your name online.